Things I’ve Learned (after Andrew Sugden)

chronic illness

If something isn’t working, try a different approach.

The small things are meaningful, enjoy them fully and without restraint.

Always keep a part of yourself close to your heart, just for you and no-one else.

Don’t give in to the sunk costs fallacy. It’s always okay to change your mind.

If you can’t eat something / do something / go somewhere, live vicariously through others. Enable the people you love to do the things they love, and bask in their joy.

It’s okay to take medication for your mental illness.

It’s okay to not take medication for your mental illness.

You are basically a houseplant. Go sit in the sun.

Sometimes there’s more than one thing going on with your health. Trust your gut. If you think something’s up, talk to your doctor. You might have an undiagnosed neurodevelopmental disorder (or maybe that’s just me heh).

Pets are good for you.

Boundaries are healthy. Learn to set them and protect them, and help the people you love do the same. Be a safe person to practice enforcing boundaries with.

Live life like a poet. Stare at the moon. Sing to the springtime air. Lie in the grass. Collect cool rocks. Write honestly and messily about your feelings.

Listen to your body. It knows what it needs.

the view from my regular rest spot

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