Planetary Perceptions of Our Time

Planetary Perceptions of our Time features original artworks by illustration students based on current research from the Space Science and Technology Centre at Curtin University.

Drawing inspiration from the retro-futuristic styling of NASA’s Visions of the Future project, the students and researchers collaborated to produce illustrations that would effectively communicate the science to a wider audience, while remaining visually engaging and playful. The resulting posters cover a range of planetary research – from Marsquakes to Asteroid Anatomy and involvement in space exploration – demonstrating the integration of science and art in a single cohesive project.

The exhibition is supported by interviews with the illustration students and planetary researchers as depicted in a short documentary, produced by Digital Cinema student Paula Roa and curation narrative by Creative Writing Honours student Josephine Newman.

The exhibition was first displayed in July 2018 at Curtin University, and has since travelled nationally and internationally for display at various planetary events and conferences.

Newman, J. (2018). Planetary Perceptions of Our Time [curation narrative].

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