So, I’m in Albany. I’m here for the weekend for Racewars—one of those BIG car events that everyone in the scene knows about, but that I’ve somehow never been to before…

But there’s a first time for everything, right? So here I am, with my handy dandy media pass, blogging Racewars for the weekend.

I left Perth at around 10am with my mumma in tow, and managed a solid two hours of driving before my fatigue kicked in and she had to take over. We took the inland route—Albany Highway all the way—which was not the most scenic choice, but definitely the most direct.

Tim Winton’s fictional town Angelus was in my mind as we drove closer to Albany. Mum and I chatted about the town’s history, about roads and ruins and shipwrecks and the people who came before. It’s an odd place, I think. Has a funny sort of vibe to it. Being here sort of feels like being at the edge of the Earth. Which is true, in a way.

The stars are stunning. I just wish my new glasses were ready in time for this trip, so I could see them more clearly. I saw a shooting star and thought of my work colleagues and their frequent trips out into the desert; how beautiful the skies must be out there.

Tomorrow I’ll get to watch some cool cars go fast, and write some words about it. It should be fun!

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