Sunday / Monday / Tuesday


A group of us went to see The Crimes of Grindelwald on Sunday afternoon, which was a nice outing and a break from my lounging in bed. Controversial opinion: I like the Fantastic Beasts franchise more than Harry Potter

On Monday I rested again, but made it out for a couple of hours and joined the others at a lunch at Rhodes House. I met some current Rhodes Scholars and had many good chats about their studies and interests. I made another chronic fatigue buddy and we talked about the difficulties of managing fatigue and study and generally just being a human. I took a taxi back to the accommodation and rested for the rest of the afternoon, and one of the other Scholars brought some dinner back for me in the evening.

Today was another bad day for fatigue. I had a shower around midday, and have just eaten my first meal for the day (at 4pm). We have a group dinner tonight which is a half-hour walk from here, but I’ll be taking a taxi with one of the mentors who is also feeling unwell today. I might have to go back to bed for a little bit between now and then.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning and then a final group get-together in the afternoon—we’re having high tea. It should be a pretty chill day!

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