Today was a BIG day


After breakfast (consisting of a banana, half a bagel, a boiled egg, and a black coffee) a group of us headed in to San Francisco, first stop: Golden Gate Bridge.

I tell you, I could have spent all day by that bridge. It’s beautiful, and a wonderful place for just sitting and thinking. After a foray into the gift shop the group split up, with the four other girls hiring bikes to ride across the bridge and myself finding a nice sunny bench on which to sit and wait for a bus into Sausalito.

On the journey I chatted with a lovely woman from Austria (who said she likes Australia much more than the US, and thought Perth was fab). Once in Sausalito I found a little burger joint where I ate my lunch by the window and watched the world go by.

The girls joined me not long after and we wandered around Sausalito, found some more food and some ice cream, and a SOCK SHOP! I may have bought six pairs of socks today…

Then it was onto the ferry, past Alcatraz, and on to Pier 39 for dinner at Mangoes. We dramatically underestimated the size of American portions and all ate only half of our dinner. Next time we will share. The burritos were huge!

We’re off to Stanford tomorrow for a campus tour, then in the evening we’re all heading in to San Fran to watch an NBA game (the sporty ones among us assure me that this is THE NBA game. I mistakenly called it the NFL. Nobody heard though so it’s all good).

Again I am writing from bed, so now it’s just a matter of closing this laptop and getting some shut-eye. I know I will sleep well tonight!


Being a cool cat by the Golden Gate Bridge

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